the book is blue, the church is true

First off, I’m sorry for the subject of this email. I sound like the such a molly mormon haha but it was the only thing I could think of. a lot of people told me that I would lose my authenticity and become a missionary robot in my emails, so I’m trying to keep it real and funny but its hard okay hahaha.

anyways, this week was hands down one of the most powerful and spiritually strengthening weeks I’ve had here in the mission field. this past Thursday, we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Christofferson! (one of the twelve apostles) Wow. its about the only word I got. I know that the Lord actively leads His church and that His leaders are inspired men who receive direct revaltion from the heavens. On friday, we had zone conference and on Sunday night we had a ‘why I believe’ fireside. Mario, one of my recent converts was one of the speakers at the fireside and WOW, I felt like such a proud mom haha.  Hermana Gonzales and I met and started teaching him in November but really, he was the one teaching us. he bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it changed his life. that through the Book of Mormon, he found his purpose and he found Christ. the book is blue, and the church really is true. I can never deny that
if there’s one thing I can take away from this past week, its that we need sufficient opposition in order to grow stronger. we can’t ‘press forward’ without opposition. missions aren’t supposed to be easy. missions are purifying, strengthening, and molding. missions are supposed to be ‘hot.’ because with heat, capacity grows.
I love you all so so much. thank you for your love and for your words of encouragement. I really do have the best home team
xo hermana porter
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week # no sé. casi 5 meses en la misión :)

Helloooo group email

my life here is crazy and hilarious and a little weird but so amazing and filled with so many miracles. its been a hot minute since I’ve written and I don’t know where to start haha. I feel like once missionaries hit 5 or 6 months in the mission field, they kinda fade out. but yes, I am still here, alive and so so happy here in Macul!
so since I’ve written, my trainer Hna Gonzales has left me 😦 I miss her terribly and will forever cherish those 12 weeks we had together. before I left on the mission, my best friend Addison Merrill gave me the advice to pray for my trainer every single day leading up to the mission. I did just that. I wanted to ‘click’ with my trainer. and I know now, that Heavenly Father really did answer my prayers. Hermana Gonzales had all the traits and Christ like attributes that I lack and need to improve on. I truly believe she is an angel sent to me from my Heavenly Father.
as of now, I am still in Macul but in a trio! whoooo. with Hermana Andersen from South Jordan, Utah and Hermana Cantoario from Brazil. its fun to put it simply, 3 girls all trying to tackle a new language. 🙂 el don de lenguas es real yo testifico. but at times I feel like my spanish is nothing but a broma but with time right?
President Morgan said that this trio is inspired directly from heaven. he said that this transfer period will be one of the best throughout our whole missions and one that will be filled with miracles. a transfer period that none of us will ever forget. we’re in week 3 right now and I’m stoked to see what lies ahead. the miracles really do not stop
other updates
– every day here its about 38 grados which is about 100 degress or so in F. I currently shower in my sunscreen and the people here love to tell me that my face is red. currently a tomato with a mission plaque on my chest 🙂
– we have another progressing investigador! Leandro! 19 years old and goldennn.
– Elder Christoffersen is coming this thursday! we’re having a mission wide devotional at the temple and I’m stoked
– still eating arroz and carne every single day. slowly becoming a crusty sister missionary lol
well I hope you all are doing well back home wherever you may be. I love hearing from you guys. I love the mission. each and every day, I am learning and growing but I also know that Christ is helping to shape and mold me to who he needs me to be. I love my Savior. he is the light in my life because of Him, I not only have joy, but am able to live in joy.
con cariño xo
Hermana Porter
almuerzo with the Beyris family! Paty and Gonzales are like my little siblings. Paty is only 9 years old and is such an amazing missonary. always sharing her libro de mormon with friends and telling them all about primary and how much she loves Christ. I want to be more like Paty

Enero 16


We’re halfway through January! I’m a little confused as to where time goes honestly. I feel like it was just yesterday that Hermana Gonzales and I were sitting on our balcony watching the fireworks on New Years Eve. And on top of all that, I only have 1 more week as the trainee, and then off goes my training wheels..haha a little nervous but I’m confident that whatever happens is part of the Lord’s plan.
With the new year, I’ve felt a greater rush to make the most of my time here as a missionary! Each day, to seek to be the instrument that the Lord needs and intends for me to be. Because when I really think about it, 14 months is nothingggg. Before I know it, I’ll going to be back in the bay as SP from the bay areaaaa but for now I’m Hermana Porter in Santiagoooo haha. A little different vibe ya 😉
Anyways, this past week, we had Mario’s baptism! About 20 years back or so, he was living ‘the life.’ Mario was an artist in Viña del Mar, one of the prettiest beach towns in Chile. But soon after, his parents both got very sick and they needed his help. He pretty much dropped his dream life and moved back to live and care for his parents. He is so humble and has such a big heart. And I know that he was prepared months and months before Hermana Gonzales and I came along. I feel so grateful to have been apart of Mario’s conversion. Hermana Gonzales and I taught him, but really, he was the one that taught us. He is a miracle to me.
Oh a little funny story for you guys! This past week, we were cleaning the chapel with our ward mission leader, Hermano Luna. We had just finished cleaning the multi use room and Hermana Gonzales wanted to start cleaning upstairs but I was off daydreaming for a hot sec. Hermana Gonzales had a broom in her hand and said ‘Venga Hermana!’ but I still wasn’t paying attention. she then tried to get my attention with her broom. But her broom accidentally got caught underneath my skirt and my skirt flew allll the way up. and of course, Hermano Luna was standing right in front of me and he got a FULL SHOW of my G’s (underwear ) 🙂 I love my life 🙂 hahaha. but Hno Luna is like our grandpa so its all chill. just a lil awkward in the moment haha
Hna Gonzales and I have been working super hard this week to find new investigadors! Its been a little hard this past few weeks, none of our investigadors were progressing, meaning we had to drop them. We’ve been on the search to find Heavenly Father’s prepared children. We’ve been praying and fasting and keeping our eyes open. And as we’ve done so, we have found His prepared children! We’ve found families! I know that as we continue to seek out Christ and seek out His light and His infinite love, we will find answers to our prayers! I know that even though at times it feels like we are in the darkness, we never are – simply in the shadows. Everytime we seek Christ and seek to align our will with His, we find the light. At times its hard, I’m so stubborn and at times really selfish. but with Christ, the light always drives away the darkness.
Seek out the light this week and keep moving forward, no matter how clumsily.
I love you all! xoxo Hermana PorterSAM_9655.JPGDSC00246.JPG

¿Navidad o Halloween? Honestly no sè

Hola friends and family!

long time no talk! lets be real, i struggle with this whole group email thing haha. so Christmas has come and gone! This Christmas was a lotttt different than past Christmas’ (obviously haha) but it was one of the best ones yet! On Christmas Eve, after church Hermana Gonzales and I went caroling to each of our investigadors and our favorite members homes. We probably visited over 50 homes…I think I can sing ‘Regocijad, Jesus nacio’ in my sleep now i’m not even kidding haha. we brought them each gifts and I literally felt like Santa Claus with my big ol backpack of presents. And we got so many presents too! by the end of the day I didn’t know if we were celebrating halloween or christmas haha. but really, the members and our investigadors here son los mejoressss! they have so much love to give and their faith is incredible. i love being a missionary and working alongside them
on Christmas day, we had a mission wide devotional! so.freaking.good. President Morgan is such an inspired man. He highlighted the importance of being ‘wisemen.’ Wisemen follow the Lord’s counsel. They ponder on His words and take them into their hearts and then take action! Wisemen testify that Christ lives. And that through Him and because of Him, we can too! Its so simple yet so profound.
i love my mission! i am so happy here. i think i feel a lot better because i know and understand the language almost 100% and am able to communicate back (my grammer still sucks tho. please keep me in your prayers haha). i know the area, and have an amazing relationship with the members here in Macul and our investigardors here are goldennnn! God is good.
I love you all! be happy and do something nice for a stranger this week
xo hermana porter SAM_9605.JPG Christmas eve caroling
SAM_9497.JPGwe put our spare bed on the balcony and its the best decision we’ve made yetSAM_9614.JPGfamily photo with our ‘adopted parents’ here on the mission


WOW I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I honestly have the best group of friends and family back home. i feel so blessed and grateful for each one of you.

lets see, this past week, I got engaged! hahaha this is a good story. so this past week, hermana gonzales and i were walking in the street and i felt like contacting so the first person we saw, i decided to start talking to. i handed him an ‘Ilumina el Mundo’ card and started introducing myself but he just cut me off and started saying ‘oh que hermosa’ ‘que bonita’ ‘que linda’ and i tried to brush it off by saying ‘oh gracias’ and then changing the subject. this man name’s is Juan by the way. he then asked me if I was married, and I said no. He then asked why and I told him because I’m a missionary and for the next 16 months I’m serving as a representative of Christ. Next I thought he asked me if I wanted to get married in the future, and I do so I said ‘yes, I would love to in the future’ but in reality he asked if I would get married with him in the future after my mission…and I said yes. He then said ‘oh perfect, in 16 months we will be married’ and I didn’t understand that so I just smiled and said yes, because that’s my usual reaction to conversations I don’t understand, – just smile and nod hahaha. i then told him that we would love to visit him another time… when we were walking away hermana gonzales looked over at me and said ‘hermanaaaaa, you just got yourself a Chileno husband’ hahaha. whoops. so if worst comes to worst, I got Juan in Santiago waiting for me hahaha
anyways, this past week, Carlos entered the waters of baptism! oh my goodness, Saturday was such a happy day. Carlos is 94 years old, so getting him fully immersed in the water took a little while, but the joy on his face afterwards was priceless and something i’ll never forget. we visited him two days after the baptism, and he told us that for 94 years he felt he was looking for something, something greater, something meaningful and real, and now, he has what he’s been searching for his whole life! awe, my heart was just bursting. i love that.
this is such a fun time to be a missionary! i love christmas time. i love the church’s program ‘ilumina el mundo.’ its so inspired. i have such a deep testimony that through small and simple acts, comes great joy. christmas is a lil different here. its hot, we’re in getting into the thick of summer and i know that i’ll be eating empanadas christmas day and singing feliz navidad, but i am so happy here. i can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.
i better get going but keep spreading light everywhere you go!
i thank Heavenly Father every day for each of you!
lots of love xo hermana porter
Here is a link for the Ilumina el Mundo (Light the World) program that Summer mentions.


DSC00167 2.jpgCarmencita, my grandma here in Macul, the lady I had thanksgiving with. She told me that she knows americans have lots of fruit on the table at thanksgiving (she was talking about the cornucopia) so she put fruit on the table in a cute little arrangement. it was the cutest thing!

DSC00168.JPGmy thanksgiving haha. definitely different from normal, but hey dia de gracias nonetheless lol

DSC00161.JPGDSC00140 2.jpg

gonzales and i love to bake.  we love to bake for the people we teach. gonzales’ favorite dessert is lemon pie, so lemon pie we made. that stuff is gooooodDSC00155.JPGmy kitchen

¿Què es ingles?

Semana 7


Friends and family how are you? I’m 7 days into this crazy adventure! There have been good times, there have been hard times, but every day there are miracles! I have such a strong testimony in miracles. Let’s see, so much has happened, I really don’t even know where to begin.
So since last Tuesday when I got paried up with Hermana Gonzales, I haven’t spoken in English once. How that’s possible, I really don’t know. God is real hahaha. On Sunday night, our mission had a fireside for new converts, less active members and investigators and then all us missionaries were invited as well. Afterwards, Hermana Ence (bestie from the ccm) came running up to me! I lost it, I was so stoked to see her face. It had been a week since I had spoken English, it honestly felt so foreign haha. And then 2 minutes later, Jake (comp from the ccm) came running up to us! We were all so stoked to see each other even though it had only been a week lol. We were all cying and laughing and hugging. It was so good to see those girls. The elders around us just looked at us and said ‘tranquilo hermanas’ hahaha. I’m in that weird phase where I’m most comfortable with english but spanish is my new side chick. It felt so foreign speaking it!
We have lots of investigators! One of our investiagators, Carlos is 94 years old. He has a baptism date set for December 2. How amazing is that?! On Sunday, hermana Gonzales and I went to pick him up for church and he told us that he wore his white dress shirt because he knew you wear white at your baptism! He thought we were picking him up for his baptism haha. Cutest thing ever. I love teaching investiagtors. In my broken spanish I love teaching them the simple truths of the gospel. Their eyes really just light up when they learn about God’s plan. They glow. It’s incredible to watch.
We have another set of investigators, Lilian and Tamara. Tamara is 16 years old and Lilian is her momma. Tamara is pretty rebellious. Her friends aren’t the best influence and she has a hard time listening to her mom. Lilian was expressing just how much she loves Tamara and how she wants Tamara to succeed. She wants to have a close relationship with her daughter. But its hard. I then asked Tamara if she could imagine her life without her mom in it. Tamara started crying, and Lilian starting crying. Tamara then got up and gave here mom a big hug and at this point, Gonzales and I were crying too. So if you’re close to your mom, give her a big hug for me! I was so jealous of Tamara in that moment. I would give anything to hug my momma right now
The mission is hard but its GOOD. I really believe the harder the sacrifice, the sweeter the reward. The language is hard, but its coming along little by little. I know I’ll pick up on it someday but for now I’m just another American girl in South America hahaha. Life is full of ups and downs here in the mission, but that’s life in general. We just gotta focus on the good! Look for Christ’s hand in your life. I promise it’s there. You just gotta look!
love and miss you guys. eat something yummy for me! i’m living off of rice and chicken and pan at this point hahaha
peace and blessings
hermana porter
district 2 girls from the ccm
the gringos from the ccm! these guys are my day 1’s
hermana gomar and hermana valesquez! i lived with these girls and they were angels when it came to helping with spanish
hermana gonzales and I at the temple!!!
Carlos in his ‘baptism attire’ haha
Hermana Ence & I at the fireside!
Jake, Ence & I