WOW I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I honestly have the best group of friends and family back home. i feel so blessed and grateful for each one of you.

lets see, this past week, I got engaged! hahaha this is a good story. so this past week, hermana gonzales and i were walking in the street and i felt like contacting so the first person we saw, i decided to start talking to. i handed him an ‘Ilumina el Mundo’ card and started introducing myself but he just cut me off and started saying ‘oh que hermosa’ ‘que bonita’ ‘que linda’ and i tried to brush it off by saying ‘oh gracias’ and then changing the subject. this man name’s is Juan by the way. he then asked me if I was married, and I said no. He then asked why and I told him because I’m a missionary and for the next 16 months I’m serving as a representative of Christ. Next I thought he asked me if I wanted to get married in the future, and I do so I said ‘yes, I would love to in the future’ but in reality he asked if I would get married with him in the future after my mission…and I said yes. He then said ‘oh perfect, in 16 months we will be married’ and I didn’t understand that so I just smiled and said yes, because that’s my usual reaction to conversations I don’t understand, – just smile and nod hahaha. i then told him that we would love to visit him another time… when we were walking away hermana gonzales looked over at me and said ‘hermanaaaaa, you just got yourself a Chileno husband’ hahaha. whoops. so if worst comes to worst, I got Juan in Santiago waiting for me hahaha
anyways, this past week, Carlos entered the waters of baptism! oh my goodness, Saturday was such a happy day. Carlos is 94 years old, so getting him fully immersed in the water took a little while, but the joy on his face afterwards was priceless and something i’ll never forget. we visited him two days after the baptism, and he told us that for 94 years he felt he was looking for something, something greater, something meaningful and real, and now, he has what he’s been searching for his whole life! awe, my heart was just bursting. i love that.
this is such a fun time to be a missionary! i love christmas time. i love the church’s program ‘ilumina el mundo.’ its so inspired. i have such a deep testimony that through small and simple acts, comes great joy. christmas is a lil different here. its hot, we’re in getting into the thick of summer and i know that i’ll be eating empanadas christmas day and singing feliz navidad, but i am so happy here. i can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.
i better get going but keep spreading light everywhere you go!
i thank Heavenly Father every day for each of you!
lots of love xo hermana porter
Here is a link for the Ilumina el Mundo (Light the World) program that Summer mentions.


DSC00167 2.jpgCarmencita, my grandma here in Macul, the lady I had thanksgiving with. She told me that she knows americans have lots of fruit on the table at thanksgiving (she was talking about the cornucopia) so she put fruit on the table in a cute little arrangement. it was the cutest thing!

DSC00168.JPGmy thanksgiving haha. definitely different from normal, but hey dia de gracias nonetheless lol

DSC00161.JPGDSC00140 2.jpg

gonzales and i love to bake.  we love to bake for the people we teach. gonzales’ favorite dessert is lemon pie, so lemon pie we made. that stuff is gooooodDSC00155.JPGmy kitchen

¿Què es ingles?

Semana 7


Friends and family how are you? I’m 7 days into this crazy adventure! There have been good times, there have been hard times, but every day there are miracles! I have such a strong testimony in miracles. Let’s see, so much has happened, I really don’t even know where to begin.
So since last Tuesday when I got paried up with Hermana Gonzales, I haven’t spoken in English once. How that’s possible, I really don’t know. God is real hahaha. On Sunday night, our mission had a fireside for new converts, less active members and investigators and then all us missionaries were invited as well. Afterwards, Hermana Ence (bestie from the ccm) came running up to me! I lost it, I was so stoked to see her face. It had been a week since I had spoken English, it honestly felt so foreign haha. And then 2 minutes later, Jake (comp from the ccm) came running up to us! We were all so stoked to see each other even though it had only been a week lol. We were all cying and laughing and hugging. It was so good to see those girls. The elders around us just looked at us and said ‘tranquilo hermanas’ hahaha. I’m in that weird phase where I’m most comfortable with english but spanish is my new side chick. It felt so foreign speaking it!
We have lots of investigators! One of our investiagators, Carlos is 94 years old. He has a baptism date set for December 2. How amazing is that?! On Sunday, hermana Gonzales and I went to pick him up for church and he told us that he wore his white dress shirt because he knew you wear white at your baptism! He thought we were picking him up for his baptism haha. Cutest thing ever. I love teaching investiagtors. In my broken spanish I love teaching them the simple truths of the gospel. Their eyes really just light up when they learn about God’s plan. They glow. It’s incredible to watch.
We have another set of investigators, Lilian and Tamara. Tamara is 16 years old and Lilian is her momma. Tamara is pretty rebellious. Her friends aren’t the best influence and she has a hard time listening to her mom. Lilian was expressing just how much she loves Tamara and how she wants Tamara to succeed. She wants to have a close relationship with her daughter. But its hard. I then asked Tamara if she could imagine her life without her mom in it. Tamara started crying, and Lilian starting crying. Tamara then got up and gave here mom a big hug and at this point, Gonzales and I were crying too. So if you’re close to your mom, give her a big hug for me! I was so jealous of Tamara in that moment. I would give anything to hug my momma right now
The mission is hard but its GOOD. I really believe the harder the sacrifice, the sweeter the reward. The language is hard, but its coming along little by little. I know I’ll pick up on it someday but for now I’m just another American girl in South America hahaha. Life is full of ups and downs here in the mission, but that’s life in general. We just gotta focus on the good! Look for Christ’s hand in your life. I promise it’s there. You just gotta look!
love and miss you guys. eat something yummy for me! i’m living off of rice and chicken and pan at this point hahaha
peace and blessings
hermana porter
district 2 girls from the ccm
the gringos from the ccm! these guys are my day 1’s
hermana gomar and hermana valesquez! i lived with these girls and they were angels when it came to helping with spanish
hermana gonzales and I at the temple!!!
Carlos in his ‘baptism attire’ haha
Hermana Ence & I at the fireside!
Jake, Ence & I


primer semana en la obra

holllaaaa hola holaaa group email¡ i don’t know if anyone reads this anymore but if you are, THANK YOU, you guys are the real ones lol. well, yesterday morning i left the celestial prison that is called the ccm and am now in my first area. It is a small area, Macul. the people here don`t have much but they are very humble and very sweet. my companion and trainer is Hermana Gonzalez, she is from Bolivia. she doesn`t speak any English, but I am actually really grateful for that because i know my spanish will progress soooo much quicker because of that. i can’t speak english even if i wanted to haha. but to say these past 24 hours have been the most wild ride of my life would be an understatement. i really have felt all of the emotions i think there are to feel. right now i am in a small little computer lab and the background music playing is sad, slow american music so i am the HOTTEST MESS. hermana gonzalez just looked over at me and asked if i was alright and then immediately stood up and went over to the counter to buy me chocolate. she’s an angel hahaha.

i am so grateful for the time i had in the ccm. i learned so much. the girls i lived with grew to be like my sisters and my testimony grew stronger than it ever was before. and i can understand spanish more or less so hey we’re doin things here in Santiago¡
i think more than anything, what i have learned so far is just how crucial it is that we rely on our Heavenly Father. i can’t do this mission alone. this is hard work. but it is the best work. I love the line in the hymn ‘Praise to the Man,` `sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.` that line is SO dead on. sacrifice really does bring blessings. and i know that we can do hard things. Heavenly Father is here to help us out, we just have to turn to Him with an honest heart and we`ll feel Him. i sure have these past 24 hours. i don’t think i`ve cried more in my life than i have these past 24 hours hahaha. but esta bien¡
thank you for the love. thank you for the prayers and the support. and Momma thank you for the packages, you’re an angel¡
love you all xox
Hermana Porter.JPGHermana Porter with President & Hermana Morgan (her Mission Presdient and his wife)

semana 3…….. 10.18.17


the weeks are starting to mash all into one so that’s a thing. i feel like i’ve been here forever, not mad about it tho I love it! for the past three weeks theres been 30 of us here and this week we´re getting 50 more missionaries so its aboutta feel like the provo mtc up in here haha. im stoked to meet them though! but i had to say goodbye to all of my latina bffs this week 😦 that was hard, i cried. again. can you tell that’s a trend here hahah. I FREAKING LOVE THOSE GIRLS SO MUCH.
since im hitting my 3 week mark and our district is now the older group here weve been trying to have´todo español´ day and if any of us even speak a lick of english we have to take a shot of ranch….. hahaha we’re pathetic. i haven’t had to do it (yet at least)
our district (which is the group of missionaries i’m with all day long) has grown a lot closer this week! each day we play futbol and us hermanas GO HARD. ya know the rule about no physical touch between elders and hermanas? yeah thats not a thing during game time hahaha. i’m a mix between a little cheerleader that just screams ´SACRIFICE YOUR BODY’ and that one girl who has no idea what she’s doing but likes to be aggressive anyways. imagine that lol
um so the empanadas here… bruhhhh those will be the reason i become a frumpy missionary. praying that’s not for a while though hahaha. that and the chocolate! 10 out of 10 recommend
each chance we get to leave the grounds of the ccm, i strive to talk to as many people as i can! and not just the ´hola! como estas?´ sort of conversation, but this week i have been trying to really really talk with others! this morning i said hola to some sweet older lady on the street and we ended up talking for a bit!!! she’s a Catholic and has been her whole life. she asked what i was doing and i told her that i’m from the states and am here to teach the gospel to those in chile! well i tried to in my broken spanish haha. i don’t think she totally understood what i’m doing here though because she told me to be careful when i go to the bars because men will try to sneak drugs into my drinks hahaha. not exactly my scene for the next 18 months lol. but really, talking to people makes me happiest!
this past sunday, the ccm president, president Brady gave an amazing devotional on finding the spark in each person we talk to and striving to light that spark. each person on this earth has their own personal question of the soul, and he made it a point to encourage us to seek to find that question and ignite that spark inside them. I love that!
i encourage everyone to strive to do that same thing! find that spark inside others and strive to light it! be kind and be genuine! and just love! that’s what i’m striving to do here in Santiago. the world can always use more love!
I love you all back home! you guys are my home team
xo hermana Porter
mi mejor amigas! the funnest chicas i’ve ever met
Hermana Jacobsen my twin!

DSC00002.JPGmy besties hermana Ence, hermana Jacobsen, hermana Kelly

sister Lopez! she’s from Colombia and a total doll

DSC00039.JPGwandering the streets of Santiago on p day

district 2! best district evaaaaa

surviving and thriving… 10.11.2017

2 weeks in whatsgooooood

Time here is flying by. All the girls I room with were trying to figure out what day we´ll be leaving the ccm and I think it’ll be around november 8 or so. after that i’ll be drop kicked into the streets of santiago and that´ll be when everything starts forreal! it’ll be bittersweet
the grind DOES NOT STOP for missionaries. there really are no days off! my weekends are are wednesdays and sundays haha i love it.
yesterday a group of 100 high school aged students came and toured the ccm to learn more about our church and it was the coolest thing. our teachers had all the hermanas greet the students and hand out pamphlets and it was so cool! i felt like a real missionary. these past 2 weeks we’ve taught lots of investigators but they’re really just our teachers in disguise so being around real life non members was the greatest thing
before i came on the mission every time i saw missionaries i would get so excited just to see them and talk to them and now i am one! and i live with and surrounded by them 24/7. funny how things change
our district was talking about what we miss the most and right now its music and Shas. WHAT I WOULD DO TO LISTEN TO SOME JOHN MAYER AND WALK SHASTA AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD. i miss my family lots but i think because im so busy i dont really have time to think much about it. you guys are in my prayer every single day tho 🙂
last night when all of us missionaries got back to the hospedaje, an elder started playing the piano and everyone was like ‘oh my gosh you´re amazing’ and i just kinda laughed and in my head thought ‘someone get dylan panek up in here so these people can here some real talent’ hahaha i swear i am always craving music
each wednesday on p day we can leave the grounds of the ccm and go into the city. earlier today me, hermana jacobsen, hermana ence and hermana kelly (all the girls i live with) went out and I LOVED IT. every wednesday is like a holiday. we bought chilean chocolate and said hola to almost every face we saw. the chile ccm is in the east mission so the grounds are part of my mission. i love santiago so freaking much i wish you guys could be here to see it yourself.
i LOVE the girls i live with. im convinced we were all best friends in heaven. we stay up all night choreographing routines to david archuleta’s music. we can go from almost peeing ourselves laughing to deep talks about the gospel and life within minutes. they are such a blessing to me.
this past sunday was fast and testimony meeting. i felt the spirit so strongly and knew i needed to go up even tho my spanish is a joke hahaha. so i did! i said ‘my heart is pounding so i know i need to be up here so i’ll give it a shot’ it went really well! it was very simple but i talked about how i know that my family can be together forever and how grateful i am for them. i cried! following the promptings of the spirit is always a good idea
life is good here. i eat soggy vegetables every day and the flirting between missionaries is SO cringey and i study grammer for hours and hours on end but i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now. i have never felt as close to my savior as i do here. i know that he knows each of us and loves us more than we can even comprehend. the mission is hard, but it is SO worth it. this is the most important work in world. i’ve had my fair share of challenges here but i’ve learned as i put all of my faith in the lord and constantly put in my best work, blessings will come. they always do.
you guys back home mean everything to me. thank you for all the love and support, it means more than you know. and i’m sorry if i can’t respond to your emails, i wish i could but i swear an hour in the computer lab to write everyone goes by in an instant lol
xo hermana porter
friend of Sister Kelly, Sister Kelly, Sister Ence, Sister Porter, Sister Jacobsen22406372_10214077784799878_7809481762157303757_n.jpg

i’m a hermana


I’m officially a hermana! Mi nombre es hermana Porter! I’ve been here in the ccm for a week now. This is gonna be a long email just a heads up 🙂 i’m sitting here in  computer lab with the rest of the gringos emailing and its like a mad house. everyone is typing like crazy, it feels like christmas morning being able to write home
time is such a weird concept here, I seriously feel like I’ve been here a couple months now. I can hardly believe that just a week ago I was at home eating in n out for the last time and now I’m in south america?! Crazy. But I am so happy here! My comp is Hermana Jacobsen and I swear we’re twins. She’s from Temecula, Ca. She just finished up her freshman year at BYU and is a dancer. She trained in ballet and was on her high school’s dance team. We have so many of the same clothes, we have the same sense of humor, we’re both so extra, we even came here with the same perfume! It’s trippy how similar we are. She has a strong testimony and is so diligent in her studies, I am so grateful for her
The ccm in santiago is so small! there’s like 30 missionaries here tops and most of them are leaving next week. and there’s only 6 gringa hermanas! Every day at meal time I try to sit with the latinas to practice my spanish. they are so sweet and so patient with all us gringas! I love them.
The language is coming slow and steady for me. If I’m being real, sitting for over 12 hours a day practicing grammer and memorization is hard, but its all part of the process. And i’ve definitely improved a lot since last wednesday. El don de lenguas is real!
Missionary life is different but its so fun. To the outside world, what I think is funny is probably nothing but when you work 16 hours every.single.day. the little things are everythinggg. Like when I’m filling up my water bottle and I walk past a group of elders and I overhear them talking about how ‘hot their  girls back home are’ or when all us hermanas let a stray dog into the ccm or how we almost missed our flight from atlanta to santiago hahaha.
the food here is wayyy better than I expected. I thought all I’d be eating is bread and meat and that my rice cheeks would blow up within a couple days but they have a salad bar and lots of fruit so I’m lucky! but I still eat bread, like every day lol
the ccm is right in the middle of downtown santiago. it reminds me of Berkeley! I love it.
I’ve only cried twice here! Yesterday me and hna Jacobsen gave our first lesson to an investigator and it was so hard. it hit me that the language barrier is so real. i started crying in the middle of the lesson haha it was bad. but its good! It was a learning experience forsure
there’s lots of flirting here. not from me though haha. sometimes I laught at it and sometimes I roll my eyes. It all depends. A lot of the elders here are immature, they’re all 18 years old and straight outta high school but that’s alright. On sunday, we had a devotional and they all bore their testimonies and a few of them made me cry. they’re definitely here for the right reasons.
general conference here was amazing! as a missionary listening to conference brings a whole new importance to it. In the saturday morning session I loved when Brother Pingree said ‘Christ uses ordinary people for extraordinary things´ that meant so much to me. its easy to get discouraged here, for multiple different reasons. but I know that as I put all of my faith in Christ and trust that there is a reason i’m here, I can be a powerful instrument in the lord’s hands. its not random that i’m here in santiago. my testimony has grown SO much in just this past week. I am so grateful for my Savior. This gospel brings me so much peace and happiness, I truly hope to bring that same joy to my brothers and sisters in Santiago
also mom thank you for the package, I felt like harry potter when he got his Nimbus 2000! ,
I love and miss you all more than you know. thank you for all your support and prayers, I can feel it all the way here in santiago
xo Hermana Porter