7 months later


well, I finally got transferred out of my first area. how I feel about that, don’t ask haha. all those bittersweet feelings I felt in the Oakland airport 7 months ago came rushing back as I said nos vemos to all the people that grew to be family while serving in Macul. its amazing really, the love that we as missionaries feel and develop for the people we serve with. Its the love of Christ and its something so real and raw. I know for certain that I knew all those people in the preexistence. but it wasn’t a goodbye only an ‘hasta luego’
i’m now serving in La Reina! with my new compy Hermana Cheta from Argentina! as soon as we received transfers calls, and I heard ‘hermana Porter will be transferred to barrio Tobalaba 1’ all the missionaries started shouting ‘ooooo hermana Porter va a engordar…’ long story short – all of the sister missionaries that have passed through this ward have gained 10 kilos…the members here in this ward really do show us cariño through meals. and its true, this past week i’ve been fed mountains of rice and chori pan. whooooo vamos Chile 🙂
 OH side note – its COLD down here in Santiago. I have friends writing me about their summer plans and the surf back in California and i’m freezing over as they write haha. last night we had family home evening and about 20 minutes in the family asked me ‘Hermana why is your face so red?’ and we were all so confused and then they told me, ‘oh its probably because you’ve been out walking in 30 degree weather all day and now you’re in a nice heated home, you’re bodys just adjusting to the change.’ so it looks like whether its summer or winter time, i’ll still have a tomato face haha. all I know is that my name is summer for a reason and that I miss my sun ha.
on Sunday, as I was sitting in sacrament meeting in my new ward, reflecting on all my time in Macul and my new beginnings here in La Reina, I asked myself, ‘why did you choose to serve a mission?’ and to put it simply, I chose to serve a mission because I love my Savior. because He saved me and changed me and continues to do so. many of you know that I went through a WILD phase. I was just about the furthest thing from serving a mission. there was a time when I wasn’t even heading to church. but through it all, I felt my Savior’s love. I felt His hands guiding me and picking me back up on my feet when I thought it was impossible to carry on. We’re never too far from the light and love of the Savior. His hands are always there reaching out to us, we just need to reach up and grasp on. I truly do stand all amazed at the love He offers me. and I hope and pray that through my efforts, my brothers and sisters here in Santiago will be able to feel the same
I love you allllll. enjoy the sun and tengan una bonita semana
xo hermana porterDSC00740.JPGDSC00720.JPG

Adios y hola 4/24/18

Adios…Summer served the last 5 months in Macul so this week was one of goodbyes. To her companions, Hermanas Andersen and Cantoario and all of the people she grew close to….

Hola to her new area…..serving in La Reina, barrio Tobalaba 1 with her new companion, Hermana Cheta from Argentina (pictured below)DSC00715.jpgHer old district, Elder Higgins and Acosta with the “Super Trio”DSCN0875.jpgDSCN0881.jpg

Saying goodbye to Macul friendsDSC00705.jpgDSC00697.jpg

quebrada de macul y mi amiga

Today all the hermanas in our zone went out hiking! to the quebrada de macul. we hiked to a waterfall and it was soo beautiful.




con ‘mi amiga’ Sofie! we went to the temple with her and her momma and her aunt Alejandra that we’re teaching. she’s definitely a handful but she’s the cutest thing everrr. I felt like I was back in monte gardens with the preks. we were riding the bus back home from the temple and Sofie started screaming and neither her mom or her aunt could calm her down but then I asked her if she wanted to sit with me and she said ‘si si con mi amiga’ and immediately fell asleep on my lap. it was so sweet ahDSC00547.JPG

feliz pascua feliz super trio feliz vida


¿como está mi gente? I hope you all a happy easter and ate some cadbury eggs for me because let me tell ya, the easter candy here is not the same hahaha. but life is good here in macul and super trio had a very happy easter/general conf weekend
here’s a few updates
– the work here is flowinggg! we’re working with lots of families here and its too good to be true. our ward mission leader, hermano luna has been pushing for families these past months and we have been searching and praying and searching some more but its been hard. these past 2 weeks, we have found 3 different families! our mission has a hashtag #losmilagrosnohancesadoensantiago and its so true- the miracles really don’t stop
– general conference! I loved Elder Godoy’s remarks about sacrifice and making the days count. my Savior has sacrificed everying for me. He suffered unto death and gave His life for me, and for each one of us. And because of Him, I know who I am. I know why I’m here. I don’t think I could ever express my gratitude and love I have for my Savior. oh and Elder Uchtdorf’s talk on ‘beholding the Man.’ read it. study it. apply it. i don’t have any words (link… https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2018/04/media/session_5_talk_9/5761932026001?lang=eng)
– this morning we left the suburbs of macul and went exploringggg- templo de bahai! so beautiful. look it up. next thing you know you’ll find yourself booking a flight to santiago. God really is the best artist.
I love you all bastante. I love this life. I love my Savior. life is so good
con mucho cariño
hermana porter
at “Templo de Bahai”DSC00509.JPGDSC00508.JPG
Reflection pool in front of Templo
super trioDSCN0736.JPGDSC00496.JPG

la semana en fotos

Zone conference with Hermana HaleDSC00443.jpg

With Hermana JacobsenDSC00446.jpg

In costume for a production of The Life of ChristDSC00438 2.jpg

At the Santiago temple, teaching Carlos to “smile nice”DSC00467.jpg


Hermana Andersen, Carlos, me and Hermana CantoarioDSC00479.jpgDSC00483.JPG


si poh


here in Chile, after almost every word, the people say ‘poh’ ex.- si poh, ya poh, no poh, poh poh poh poh poh is all I hear. if you’re a true Chilena, poh is apart of every conversation. we found a market called ‘SI POH’ haha



this week, we had a lesson about the plan of salvation and I said ‘I truly believe that in the celestial kingdom there will be acaí. because in the celestial kingdom, we will have full joy and I can’t have full joy without my acaí and heavenly father knows that’ hahaha i’m a fanatic someone help


mi ‘mamí chilena’ Claudia. DSC00404.jpg


The Lord is my light

Hello everyone!

another week come and gone here in good ol’ Macul! Macul is my first area, and I’ve been serving here since November. It feels like home. we have transfers next week and I’m praying that I have more time serving here but I’m trusting in the Lord and His plan for me. pero sin embargo, I’m going to make the most of every moment I have here 🙂
this week, my testimony on the Atonement of Jesus Christ has just sky rocketed. I won’t lie, these past few days have put me throughhh it. I felt empty and just drained – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Usually I’m pretty energetic and happy and always on the go, but this past week I felt trapped in a funk. I caught myself getting wrapped up in my past mistakes. to be ’emotionally naked’ with you guys, I was doubting my worthiness and the potential I have here to be the disciple that the Lord needs me and knows I can be. I have been praying with all the strength and all the energy of heart to pick myself back up and keep pushing forward no matter how clumsily. I just want to lean into my mission with all that I have.
this morning, we had the blessing to go to the temple for an endowment session & WOW, was it needed! I’ve literally been craving the temple like I crave acaí and John Mayer hahaha, not an exaggeration. if we let Him, our Savior can cleanse us. He can heal us. our wounds and our sores and the pain that we feel embodies us can be erased because of Christ’s perfect love and infinite sacrifice. let Him in! the light I have in my life, is all thanks to my Savior. Let Him heal you
on a lighter and funnier note, I’ve got another Chilean lover haha. this past week, we contacted a man in the street named Jaime. He told us he’s pretty busy and doesn’t have too much time to meet with us so we wrote down our number and names to keep in contact. welllll, I opened up my email today and I got a nice little email from my friend Jaime… as for how he got my email I have not a clue ha. He told me how he’s in love with me… and how often he thinks of me and wants to keep communicating through Whatsapp…honestly a little freaked out please pray for me haha.
I love this gosepl with my whole heart. I am so grateful for my challenges. I know that our challanges can mold and polish us to the potential our Father in Heaven sees within each one of us. I love you all!
xo Hermana Porter