the final leg

mommas’ order- she asked me to finish these last 3 weeks strong and write a group email and momma knows best so here we are!

3 weeks away from finishing up this chapter of my life, and honestly I don’t feel like they’re actually going to kick me out of this country and send me back up to CA. I JUST GOT HERE. hahaha. but everyone is telling me otherwise.
we’ve got a LOT happening these days— miracles are abounding and I am in love with this life I am living here in santiago and just trying to soak it all in
— my last saturday in the mission we have 2 baptisms – Marcela and Hernan! Marcela is a sweet little girl from Venezuela and Hernan is a cute little grandpa. we’ve been working with them some for quite some time now and their growth is so beautiful. after church this past sunday we had a lesson right in front of the baptism font and the spirit was ON FIRE. it reminds me once again that this is the LORD’s work and we are simply just instruments. if we have the faith to turn ourselves over to Him, if we give our heart to Him, He makes us so much more. I have seen His grace in action, and I know it is real
something funny —
yesterday, I was writing in my journal and I decided to light a candle to set the vibes. we live in an apartment with 2 other hermanas and they were saying a companionship prayer while I was trying to light the candle. I lit the candle, and the match broke in half and the lit candle fell on my skirt and caught on fire, (not the first time it has happnened in the mission either lol)…hahahaha you all know me, I started screaming and the hermanas praying freaked out and couldn’t pray because they were laughing hahaha. but all good, it wasn’t as bad as the first time I lit my blouse on fire lol. something things still haven’t changed here haha
a thought —
I have always thought of this mission of mine as a relay race. There are 18 legs in the race, and each month is a lap around the track. According to this scene, I have been running for a while now. I am on the final leg, and I have got to give it all I got. I am almost there, and I can’t stop now. But the comfort I feel is that my Savior is not just on the sideline telling me which obstacle to jump, which way to turn, the speed etc, NO, He is running with me! We are doing it together. It makes me think of a quote from Elder Holland, something along the lines of ‘He doesn’t just need people who will die for this gospel, but Heavenly Father needs people who will LIVE for this gospel. Who will run the race, who will make it all the way to the tape’ and I LOVE THAT. I want to live for this gospel. I want to give all that I have, and remember where true strength comes from – my Savior. The race hasn’t always been easy, its been ugly and hard a lot of the time, but there is beauty in it all and I love that I get to be apart of it and He trusts me, He trusts US enough to take part in something so great and eternal.
I love you lots!!! thanks for being the best home team
hermana porter