4 de feb

hola hola hola hola como están

I told myself that I only have a few weeks left to take advantage of writing emails so I gotta just do it haha.
these weeks have been some of the very best. I’m still in La Florida, and you know when you’ve met someone or you’re in a specific place and you just know that THIS is where I need to be, this is who I need to be with? and it all just clicks? everything is just so natural? ya, that’s how I feel out here in LF. maybe we’re not having mountains of baptisms like other areas, maybe the progress of those we’re teaching is a bit slower, but everything is just right. I know without a doubt in my heart that the Lord’s plan is perfect and it is His. He aligns our paths so perfectly and so precisely.
the other day we were knocking doors (more like yelling ALOOOOO hahaha) and no one was answering. it was hot, and the chilenos were taking advantage of staying indoors with their air conditioning and big ol glass of coca cola ha. I turned around and saw this young kid walking down the street with a soccer ball. I just felt in my heart ‘girl go. talk with him’ we stroke up a conversation, his name is Luis, he’s 15 years old, and dreams of being a futbolista. and he loves God. we talked a bit about the family, about our relationship with Heavenly Father but then off he ran to go play soccer. we shoved a plan of salvation pamphlet in his hand and yelled ‘hasta luego’ and that was that. we had a hard time finding him for a while, but the other day, we were walking in front of a little supermarket in our area, and we find luis and his grandpa sitting in front! he told us that he had read about the plan of salvation and loved it. he had even put it under his pillow so he woudln’t lost it!! haha, so sweet. we talked some more, he opened up to us that he had been adopted, and family had always been something super important. at the end, he looked at us and said ‘I want to get there. I want to be there with my family. in the celestial kingdom’
it was just one of those moments that filled my heart and reconfirmed that our Father’s love is real and perfect and fitting to each one of us. and to seek Him out, that love fills us, according to our needs and our circumstances
I love this time. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. even when old men you’re teaching confess their love for you, even when you’re running around like a little tomato because of the heat, this work is good and it is His
I love you allllll, and miss you lots
hna porter