i’m alive and THRIVING

hi hello perdon for not writing in who knows how many months

but yes, I am alive and well (just really really hot down here in santiago) but thriving and just really so so happy
here’s a quick little update on my life down here : so i’ve been in my new area, La Florida for a while now and I think I’ll be finishing the mission here CRAZY RIGHT
God works in wonderful ways – here’s a quick back story. in my anterior area, I only had 2 transfers there, I felt like I got put in, and then taken out. we worked HARD and saw miracles every day. the work was flowing and I was in love with my area and then BOOM transfers. can’t lie, I was frustrated and a little hurt. but Heavenly Father teaches me and teaches each one of us every single day that if we just keep doing as He asks us to and keep ourselves humble, He blesses us, and we CAN gain a deeper and more eternal perspective. I remember my first night here in my area and we were walking the streets contacting and I was still thinking about my last area I had just left but then the impression (GIRL contact that man) ran through mind. I didn’t think about it, I didn’t even have time to. It was this man smoking, covered in tattoos and he looked far from anyone who had interest in talking about God at the moment. but I put those thoughts aside and followed thorugh. that man’s name is Carlos. and Carlos is going to be baptized in just 2 weeks! its amazing to see the miracles that come to play if we trust in His plan, His timing, and follow though with the impressions of the Spirit.
His plan is and always has been so much greater than ours. that has something I have seen time and time again in these 16 months
funny story – the other week we were knocking doors and I saw this cute little house with a pretty golden retriever. I told hermana hernandez ‘yeah vamos’ so I walk up to the house and shout (because that’s how you contact houses here in south america) and this dog comes running at me full force and jumps up on me and starts eating my skirt but he was aiming for my leg… almost got eaten alive these dogs are WILD.
I know my Savior lives. I know that He loves us and that love is personal and real for each one of us. I know that He has the power to heal and only He can fill us when we’re empty and in need of something so much more. I put my trust in Him I put my faith in Him I love Him with all that I have. — look for Him this week. He is here
I love you all and miss you tons
make it a good week 💛
hasta luegooooo
skirt post-dog
With Hermana Hale at transfers
Christmas eve dinner tabledsc00031[1]