Hey hello holaaaaa

Amigos míos!

How are you all doing? its been an eternity since I’ve written you all (surprise nothing new here ha) but better late than never right?
so I am still here in Las Condes, working working working, but now with Hermana Kelly! Some of you may have heard, we came out on the mission at the same time and she actually was the first person I met in the SLC airport waiting to board my flgiht before this whole adventure began and BOY DO I LOVE HER. we hit it off from the second we met and we had always gushed in emails and zone conferences ‘someday we’ll be comps sí o sí’ it was always a dream of mine but never did I really believe it would happen! but here we are, and God is just oh so good
here are some highlights from these past few weeks
— Imagine a man wandering with dreads down to his hips, traveling all over south america for music festivals, a man who loves his marijuana. a man who felt lost and in despair with not a lot of direction. Now picture one night 2 sister missionaries walking home one night and that man meeting up and getting to know each other on a street corner and talking. This man told those 2 missionaries that he had had a vision about joseph smith and the book of mormon and he knew it was true. imagine that man telling those missionaries that he NEEDED to meet with them and learn more about this book. now picture that man in his first lesson with the missionaries bringing his book of mormon, all marked up in colors and notes and testifying that its true. that man walking into sacrament meeting on a sunday morning just glowing. that same man accepting a baptism date. that same man changing his life, but really letting the Savior change his life. That’s Francisco. God really does prepare His children to recieve the Savior’s prepared gospel
— Ines! Our cute little best friend who is 80 years old and will be baptized this saturday! She has been catholic all her life and taking this step of faith and choosing to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism was HARD. but her love for the Savior outweighed all doubt and fear. Our love for Him truly dispells all fear
— getting home each night to fill in our area book and just ending up lying on the floor having heart to hearts for what seems like hours with hermana kelly, I get pumped just to walk up each morning and do some yoga and eat breakfast together, its puro amor y carettes here in las condes jajaja
really, what I feel here is just lots of happy moments all compiled into one. I have learned that a lot of times in life we’re out looking for the big gold chunks, but really we just need to be searching for the small gold flakes. happiness comes in all shapes and forms and even on the days when we’re exhausted and drained, its alright. we’re learning and we’re growing. and that’s why we’re here! We need to feel it all. And on the days when we feel like we’re not enough, or we’re too much, we’re growing closer to our Savior and experimenting a little bit of what He felt and what He did for us and what He continues to give so freely
les quiero muchisimoooooo. en serio!
count your blessings this week & choose to spread and grow your love a bit more with each coming day – that’s my goal for the week
con amor
hermana porter