Power in the everyday

Hola amigos y familiares

so my angel mother has been asking for a group email for a while now so here we are. I love writing you guys but I’m terrible at it. SUE ME 🙂
its so hard to write about the mission and all that it is for you all back home. its an experience like no other. it has the highest highs and the lowest lows and just about everything in between. but the learning and the growth that takes place here is breathtaking and something that I will forever hold in my heart. lol as I’m writing this I feel like a trunky sister missionary writing her last email before flying home hahaha. whoops
but really, all that I get to see and be apart of down here on the other side of the world is incredible. the other day I was reading a talk from general conf. back in 1997 called ‘a celestial connection to your teenage years’ and MAN it put everything in perspective. Elder Maynes asks each one of us ‘How are we connecting our celestial goals with our daily way of living?’
and that one GOT me. There is power in the everyday. I’ve got a lot of goals and a lot of plans and at times, its overwhelming. because I look in the mirror and can’t help but see all my imperfections. all the little things I’m lacking. I see where I am now and am looking for where I want to be and it all seems so far off. but I’m coming to learn, to be grateful for my weaknesses. because they’re humbling me and drawing me nearer to my Savior – who is my constant and steady source of strength and healing. there really is opposition in all things. but I get to choose my attitude. I can choose to wake up and focus on my celestial goals, poquito a poquito like I tell all my chilenos 😉 I can choose to be grateful for my highs and my lows, becasue I need them both to be molded into the daughter and disciple that my Savior needs me to be.
the work is flowinggggg down here in Tobalaba. we’re working with lots of Haitianos and its the best thing. Hermana Araya and I have started reading our book of mormon in Creole in language study and we’ve started up classes en Creole once a week in the chapel and as of now, I’ve only got ‘mwen se yon misyoné’ hahaha oh man but el don de lenguas el real igual
bueno, the work is sweet, god is GREAT and time is flyingggggg
un abrazo grandeeeeee
hasta luego
xo hermana porter DSC01088.JPG
fiesta de invierno con las hermanas
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zone conf. with bff hermana henson who heads home in 3 weeks :´( catch her in provoDSC01080.JPG
cute mems from ccm