The Porter family leaves to Hawaii while Hermana Porter sticks around in South America :)


the generationsssss baby- mi mamita Hermana Gonzales y mi guaguita Hermana Araya

Hellooooo friends and family and fans
if any of you still read my scattered group emails I thank you, you only have 9 months left of these guys haha. and yes you read that right, today I hit 9 months! l.o.c.o.
I can not believe that 9 months ago to this day I was sitting at my kitchen counter eating in n out for the last time with my baby girl Maddy Sorenson and now I am half way through this crazy beautiful and sacred experience of my mission here in the Santiago East mission
it was so good to skype with the family on sunday night! even though my english was a joke and I cried.  even though you told me you’ll be leaving to hawaii this week 🙂 i’m fine 🙂 just eat some yummy acaí and soak up the sun is all I ask 🙂
yesterday, we had a mission wide conference with President Morgan- this friday he flies home to the states and President Brotherson comes in, our new mission president! on monday, we had a mission wide devotional and President emphasized the importance of who we are and what we do. we as missionaries can’t just leave the apartment and walk the streets of Santiago. we must leave the apartment and walk the streets of Santiago with the Savior. we must walk with Him through the path in which he guides us. and looking back at these past 9 months, I have felt Him walking with me. I have been guided to His prepared children. I am so grateful to have felt and to continually feel of His love, even though I am so unworthy. I have felt His spirit. His spirit fills the cracks in my soul and softens all my hard edges. I am so grateful to be worthy of that. and I want to remain worthy always
when I was skyping the family sunday night, my angel momma told me ‘honey you look the happiest you’ve even been in your whole life’ and I full heartedly agree with her. If there is anything I want to tell you all back home, it is that I am SO happy here. losing myself in the service of others, seeing others through the eyes of Christ and instantly feeling love for the people is indescribable. its breathtaking. I’m just trying to soak up every minute
take care back home! look for the good this week! seek out the sunlight. share it with others and I promise you will see miracles
con todo mi amor
hna porter