Hello hello group email. its been a hot minute

yeah, so like it says, TEEN MOM. I haven’t hit 20 yet and I did not beat teen pregnancy whoops J/K I’m training!!! I truly did not see it coming. we had interviews with President Morgan a few weeks ago and he asked me what I thought would happen with transfers and all and I told him that I thought hermana Cheta and I would stay together for another transfer and then who knows what would happen, but he just sat there staring and smiling at me for a solid 30 seconds and then told me ‘hermana Porter, you will be training next transfer. I’ve felt that way for a while now and that’s what I have you on the board to do. the Lord has great trust in you.’ anddddd I sat there in shock. truly did not see that coming. can’t lie, I felt so scared and so inadequate with the thought of training. its a sacred privilege and a big responsibility. alone I can’t do it, but with my Savior I can. reminds me of my favorie scripture Alma 26:12. its a great one, check it out
well, mi hijita is HERMANA ARAYA! 23 years old. graduated from university with a degree in psychology and very very Chilena. from concepción. I thought I was using po before, but now its demasiado jajaja. she’s a powerhouse. I love working along side her. she has such a strong work ethic
its freezing cold here in Santiago. the members love telling me to put on my tights and use a scarf. but i just tell them ‘recuerde quien soy? VERANO 🙂 ‘ jajaja. my name is summer for a reason lol. but I don’t think my joke won’t last too long.
I have such a strong testimony that the Lord truly provides a way. I testify every single day to members, investigadors, random people on the street even that He will never put us in situations or command us to do something that we don’t have the means or strength to accomplish. and i can’t lie, this past week a few times as I heard my alarm go off I just thought to myself, ‘I have no idea how I am going to do this. I’m so lost’ but then I roll over and get on my knees and immediately receive the peace and strength that I need to press forward. And I would so much rather grow and strech and have Him mold me than stick around in my comfort zone. His hands are always there. We just gotta reach up and grasp on. Trust in Him. He is the way
I love you guys back home. soak up the sun for me this week
muchos abrazos
xoxo hermana porter
With Hermana Araya
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