The Lord is my light

Hello everyone!

another week come and gone here in good ol’ Macul! Macul is my first area, and I’ve been serving here since November. It feels like home. we have transfers next week and I’m praying that I have more time serving here but I’m trusting in the Lord and His plan for me. pero sin embargo, I’m going to make the most of every moment I have here 🙂
this week, my testimony on the Atonement of Jesus Christ has just sky rocketed. I won’t lie, these past few days have put me throughhh it. I felt empty and just drained – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Usually I’m pretty energetic and happy and always on the go, but this past week I felt trapped in a funk. I caught myself getting wrapped up in my past mistakes. to be ’emotionally naked’ with you guys, I was doubting my worthiness and the potential I have here to be the disciple that the Lord needs me and knows I can be. I have been praying with all the strength and all the energy of heart to pick myself back up and keep pushing forward no matter how clumsily. I just want to lean into my mission with all that I have.
this morning, we had the blessing to go to the temple for an endowment session & WOW, was it needed! I’ve literally been craving the temple like I crave acaí and John Mayer hahaha, not an exaggeration. if we let Him, our Savior can cleanse us. He can heal us. our wounds and our sores and the pain that we feel embodies us can be erased because of Christ’s perfect love and infinite sacrifice. let Him in! the light I have in my life, is all thanks to my Savior. Let Him heal you
on a lighter and funnier note, I’ve got another Chilean lover haha. this past week, we contacted a man in the street named Jaime. He told us he’s pretty busy and doesn’t have too much time to meet with us so we wrote down our number and names to keep in contact. welllll, I opened up my email today and I got a nice little email from my friend Jaime… as for how he got my email I have not a clue ha. He told me how he’s in love with me… and how often he thinks of me and wants to keep communicating through Whatsapp…honestly a little freaked out please pray for me haha.
I love this gosepl with my whole heart. I am so grateful for my challenges. I know that our challanges can mold and polish us to the potential our Father in Heaven sees within each one of us. I love you all!
xo Hermana Porter