the book is blue, the church is true

First off, I’m sorry for the subject of this email. I sound like the such a molly mormon haha but it was the only thing I could think of. a lot of people told me that I would lose my authenticity and become a missionary robot in my emails, so I’m trying to keep it real and funny but its hard okay hahaha.

anyways, this week was hands down one of the most powerful and spiritually strengthening weeks I’ve had here in the mission field. this past Thursday, we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Christofferson! (one of the twelve apostles) Wow. its about the only word I got. I know that the Lord actively leads His church and that His leaders are inspired men who receive direct revaltion from the heavens. On friday, we had zone conference and on Sunday night we had a ‘why I believe’ fireside. Mario, one of my recent converts was one of the speakers at the fireside and WOW, I felt like such a proud mom haha.  Hermana Gonzales and I met and started teaching him in November but really, he was the one teaching us. he bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and how it changed his life. that through the Book of Mormon, he found his purpose and he found Christ. the book is blue, and the church really is true. I can never deny that
if there’s one thing I can take away from this past week, its that we need sufficient opposition in order to grow stronger. we can’t ‘press forward’ without opposition. missions aren’t supposed to be easy. missions are purifying, strengthening, and molding. missions are supposed to be ‘hot.’ because with heat, capacity grows.
I love you all so so much. thank you for your love and for your words of encouragement. I really do have the best home team
xo hermana porter
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