week # no sé. casi 5 meses en la misión :)

Helloooo group email

my life here is crazy and hilarious and a little weird but so amazing and filled with so many miracles. its been a hot minute since I’ve written and I don’t know where to start haha. I feel like once missionaries hit 5 or 6 months in the mission field, they kinda fade out. but yes, I am still here, alive and so so happy here in Macul!
so since I’ve written, my trainer Hna Gonzales has left me 😦 I miss her terribly and will forever cherish those 12 weeks we had together. before I left on the mission, my best friend Addison Merrill gave me the advice to pray for my trainer every single day leading up to the mission. I did just that. I wanted to ‘click’ with my trainer. and I know now, that Heavenly Father really did answer my prayers. Hermana Gonzales had all the traits and Christ like attributes that I lack and need to improve on. I truly believe she is an angel sent to me from my Heavenly Father.
as of now, I am still in Macul but in a trio! whoooo. with Hermana Andersen from South Jordan, Utah and Hermana Cantoario from Brazil. its fun to put it simply, 3 girls all trying to tackle a new language. 🙂 el don de lenguas es real yo testifico. but at times I feel like my spanish is nothing but a broma but with time right?
President Morgan said that this trio is inspired directly from heaven. he said that this transfer period will be one of the best throughout our whole missions and one that will be filled with miracles. a transfer period that none of us will ever forget. we’re in week 3 right now and I’m stoked to see what lies ahead. the miracles really do not stop
other updates
– every day here its about 38 grados which is about 100 degress or so in F. I currently shower in my sunscreen and the people here love to tell me that my face is red. currently a tomato with a mission plaque on my chest 🙂
– we have another progressing investigador! Leandro! 19 years old and goldennn.
– Elder Christoffersen is coming this thursday! we’re having a mission wide devotional at the temple and I’m stoked
– still eating arroz and carne every single day. slowly becoming a crusty sister missionary lol
well I hope you all are doing well back home wherever you may be. I love hearing from you guys. I love the mission. each and every day, I am learning and growing but I also know that Christ is helping to shape and mold me to who he needs me to be. I love my Savior. he is the light in my life because of Him, I not only have joy, but am able to live in joy.
con cariño xo
Hermana Porter
almuerzo with the Beyris family! Paty and Gonzales are like my little siblings. Paty is only 9 years old and is such an amazing missonary. always sharing her libro de mormon with friends and telling them all about primary and how much she loves Christ. I want to be more like Paty