Enero 16


We’re halfway through January! I’m a little confused as to where time goes honestly. I feel like it was just yesterday that Hermana Gonzales and I were sitting on our balcony watching the fireworks on New Years Eve. And on top of all that, I only have 1 more week as the trainee, and then off goes my training wheels..haha a little nervous but I’m confident that whatever happens is part of the Lord’s plan.
With the new year, I’ve felt a greater rush to make the most of my time here as a missionary! Each day, to seek to be the instrument that the Lord needs and intends for me to be. Because when I really think about it, 14 months is nothingggg. Before I know it, I’ll going to be back in the bay as SP from the bay areaaaa but for now I’m Hermana Porter in Santiagoooo haha. A little different vibe ya 😉
Anyways, this past week, we had Mario’s baptism! About 20 years back or so, he was living ‘the life.’ Mario was an artist in Viña del Mar, one of the prettiest beach towns in Chile. But soon after, his parents both got very sick and they needed his help. He pretty much dropped his dream life and moved back to live and care for his parents. He is so humble and has such a big heart. And I know that he was prepared months and months before Hermana Gonzales and I came along. I feel so grateful to have been apart of Mario’s conversion. Hermana Gonzales and I taught him, but really, he was the one that taught us. He is a miracle to me.
Oh a little funny story for you guys! This past week, we were cleaning the chapel with our ward mission leader, Hermano Luna. We had just finished cleaning the multi use room and Hermana Gonzales wanted to start cleaning upstairs but I was off daydreaming for a hot sec. Hermana Gonzales had a broom in her hand and said ‘Venga Hermana!’ but I still wasn’t paying attention. she then tried to get my attention with her broom. But her broom accidentally got caught underneath my skirt and my skirt flew allll the way up. and of course, Hermano Luna was standing right in front of me and he got a FULL SHOW of my G’s (underwear ) 🙂 I love my life 🙂 hahaha. but Hno Luna is like our grandpa so its all chill. just a lil awkward in the moment haha
Hna Gonzales and I have been working super hard this week to find new investigadors! Its been a little hard this past few weeks, none of our investigadors were progressing, meaning we had to drop them. We’ve been on the search to find Heavenly Father’s prepared children. We’ve been praying and fasting and keeping our eyes open. And as we’ve done so, we have found His prepared children! We’ve found families! I know that as we continue to seek out Christ and seek out His light and His infinite love, we will find answers to our prayers! I know that even though at times it feels like we are in the darkness, we never are – simply in the shadows. Everytime we seek Christ and seek to align our will with His, we find the light. At times its hard, I’m so stubborn and at times really selfish. but with Christ, the light always drives away the darkness.
Seek out the light this week and keep moving forward, no matter how clumsily.
I love you all! xoxo Hermana PorterSAM_9655.JPGDSC00246.JPG