¿Navidad o Halloween? Honestly no sè

Hola friends and family!

long time no talk! lets be real, i struggle with this whole group email thing haha. so Christmas has come and gone! This Christmas was a lotttt different than past Christmas’ (obviously haha) but it was one of the best ones yet! On Christmas Eve, after church Hermana Gonzales and I went caroling to each of our investigadors and our favorite members homes. We probably visited over 50 homes…I think I can sing ‘Regocijad, Jesus nacio’ in my sleep now i’m not even kidding haha. we brought them each gifts and I literally felt like Santa Claus with my big ol backpack of presents. And we got so many presents too! by the end of the day I didn’t know if we were celebrating halloween or christmas haha. but really, the members and our investigadors here son los mejoressss! they have so much love to give and their faith is incredible. i love being a missionary and working alongside them
on Christmas day, we had a mission wide devotional! so.freaking.good. President Morgan is such an inspired man. He highlighted the importance of being ‘wisemen.’ Wisemen follow the Lord’s counsel. They ponder on His words and take them into their hearts and then take action! Wisemen testify that Christ lives. And that through Him and because of Him, we can too! Its so simple yet so profound.
i love my mission! i am so happy here. i think i feel a lot better because i know and understand the language almost 100% and am able to communicate back (my grammer still sucks tho. please keep me in your prayers haha). i know the area, and have an amazing relationship with the members here in Macul and our investigardors here are goldennnn! God is good.
I love you all! be happy and do something nice for a stranger this week
xo hermana porter SAM_9605.JPG Christmas eve caroling
SAM_9497.JPGwe put our spare bed on the balcony and its the best decision we’ve made yetSAM_9614.JPGfamily photo with our ‘adopted parents’ here on the mission