WOW I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. I honestly have the best group of friends and family back home. i feel so blessed and grateful for each one of you.

lets see, this past week, I got engaged! hahaha this is a good story. so this past week, hermana gonzales and i were walking in the street and i felt like contacting so the first person we saw, i decided to start talking to. i handed him an ‘Ilumina el Mundo’ card and started introducing myself but he just cut me off and started saying ‘oh que hermosa’ ‘que bonita’ ‘que linda’ and i tried to brush it off by saying ‘oh gracias’ and then changing the subject. this man name’s is Juan by the way. he then asked me if I was married, and I said no. He then asked why and I told him because I’m a missionary and for the next 16 months I’m serving as a representative of Christ. Next I thought he asked me if I wanted to get married in the future, and I do so I said ‘yes, I would love to in the future’ but in reality he asked if I would get married with him in the future after my mission…and I said yes. He then said ‘oh perfect, in 16 months we will be married’ and I didn’t understand that so I just smiled and said yes, because that’s my usual reaction to conversations I don’t understand, – just smile and nod hahaha. i then told him that we would love to visit him another time… when we were walking away hermana gonzales looked over at me and said ‘hermanaaaaa, you just got yourself a Chileno husband’ hahaha. whoops. so if worst comes to worst, I got Juan in Santiago waiting for me hahaha
anyways, this past week, Carlos entered the waters of baptism! oh my goodness, Saturday was such a happy day. Carlos is 94 years old, so getting him fully immersed in the water took a little while, but the joy on his face afterwards was priceless and something i’ll never forget. we visited him two days after the baptism, and he told us that for 94 years he felt he was looking for something, something greater, something meaningful and real, and now, he has what he’s been searching for his whole life! awe, my heart was just bursting. i love that.
this is such a fun time to be a missionary! i love christmas time. i love the church’s program ‘ilumina el mundo.’ its so inspired. i have such a deep testimony that through small and simple acts, comes great joy. christmas is a lil different here. its hot, we’re in getting into the thick of summer and i know that i’ll be eating empanadas christmas day and singing feliz navidad, but i am so happy here. i can’t imagine being anywhere else in the world.
i better get going but keep spreading light everywhere you go!
i thank Heavenly Father every day for each of you!
lots of love xo hermana porter
Here is a link for the Ilumina el Mundo (Light the World) program that Summer mentions.