¿Què es ingles?

Semana 7


Friends and family how are you? I’m 7 days into this crazy adventure! There have been good times, there have been hard times, but every day there are miracles! I have such a strong testimony in miracles. Let’s see, so much has happened, I really don’t even know where to begin.
So since last Tuesday when I got paried up with Hermana Gonzales, I haven’t spoken in English once. How that’s possible, I really don’t know. God is real hahaha. On Sunday night, our mission had a fireside for new converts, less active members and investigators and then all us missionaries were invited as well. Afterwards, Hermana Ence (bestie from the ccm) came running up to me! I lost it, I was so stoked to see her face. It had been a week since I had spoken English, it honestly felt so foreign haha. And then 2 minutes later, Jake (comp from the ccm) came running up to us! We were all so stoked to see each other even though it had only been a week lol. We were all cying and laughing and hugging. It was so good to see those girls. The elders around us just looked at us and said ‘tranquilo hermanas’ hahaha. I’m in that weird phase where I’m most comfortable with english but spanish is my new side chick. It felt so foreign speaking it!
We have lots of investigators! One of our investiagators, Carlos is 94 years old. He has a baptism date set for December 2. How amazing is that?! On Sunday, hermana Gonzales and I went to pick him up for church and he told us that he wore his white dress shirt because he knew you wear white at your baptism! He thought we were picking him up for his baptism haha. Cutest thing ever. I love teaching investiagtors. In my broken spanish I love teaching them the simple truths of the gospel. Their eyes really just light up when they learn about God’s plan. They glow. It’s incredible to watch.
We have another set of investigators, Lilian and Tamara. Tamara is 16 years old and Lilian is her momma. Tamara is pretty rebellious. Her friends aren’t the best influence and she has a hard time listening to her mom. Lilian was expressing just how much she loves Tamara and how she wants Tamara to succeed. She wants to have a close relationship with her daughter. But its hard. I then asked Tamara if she could imagine her life without her mom in it. Tamara started crying, and Lilian starting crying. Tamara then got up and gave here mom a big hug and at this point, Gonzales and I were crying too. So if you’re close to your mom, give her a big hug for me! I was so jealous of Tamara in that moment. I would give anything to hug my momma right now
The mission is hard but its GOOD. I really believe the harder the sacrifice, the sweeter the reward. The language is hard, but its coming along little by little. I know I’ll pick up on it someday but for now I’m just another American girl in South America hahaha. Life is full of ups and downs here in the mission, but that’s life in general. We just gotta focus on the good! Look for Christ’s hand in your life. I promise it’s there. You just gotta look!
love and miss you guys. eat something yummy for me! i’m living off of rice and chicken and pan at this point hahaha
peace and blessings
hermana porter
district 2 girls from the ccm
the gringos from the ccm! these guys are my day 1’s
hermana gomar and hermana valesquez! i lived with these girls and they were angels when it came to helping with spanish
hermana gonzales and I at the temple!!!
Carlos in his ‘baptism attire’ haha
Hermana Ence & I at the fireside!
Jake, Ence & I