primer semana en la obra

holllaaaa hola holaaa group email¡ i don’t know if anyone reads this anymore but if you are, THANK YOU, you guys are the real ones lol. well, yesterday morning i left the celestial prison that is called the ccm and am now in my first area. It is a small area, Macul. the people here don`t have much but they are very humble and very sweet. my companion and trainer is Hermana Gonzalez, she is from Bolivia. she doesn`t speak any English, but I am actually really grateful for that because i know my spanish will progress soooo much quicker because of that. i can’t speak english even if i wanted to haha. but to say these past 24 hours have been the most wild ride of my life would be an understatement. i really have felt all of the emotions i think there are to feel. right now i am in a small little computer lab and the background music playing is sad, slow american music so i am the HOTTEST MESS. hermana gonzalez just looked over at me and asked if i was alright and then immediately stood up and went over to the counter to buy me chocolate. she’s an angel hahaha.

i am so grateful for the time i had in the ccm. i learned so much. the girls i lived with grew to be like my sisters and my testimony grew stronger than it ever was before. and i can understand spanish more or less so hey we’re doin things here in Santiago¡
i think more than anything, what i have learned so far is just how crucial it is that we rely on our Heavenly Father. i can’t do this mission alone. this is hard work. but it is the best work. I love the line in the hymn ‘Praise to the Man,` `sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven.` that line is SO dead on. sacrifice really does bring blessings. and i know that we can do hard things. Heavenly Father is here to help us out, we just have to turn to Him with an honest heart and we`ll feel Him. i sure have these past 24 hours. i don’t think i`ve cried more in my life than i have these past 24 hours hahaha. but esta bien¡
thank you for the love. thank you for the prayers and the support. and Momma thank you for the packages, you’re an angel¡
love you all xox
Hermana Porter.JPGHermana Porter with President & Hermana Morgan (her Mission Presdient and his wife)