semana 3…….. 10.18.17


the weeks are starting to mash all into one so that’s a thing. i feel like i’ve been here forever, not mad about it tho I love it! for the past three weeks theres been 30 of us here and this week we´re getting 50 more missionaries so its aboutta feel like the provo mtc up in here haha. im stoked to meet them though! but i had to say goodbye to all of my latina bffs this week 😦 that was hard, i cried. again. can you tell that’s a trend here hahah. I FREAKING LOVE THOSE GIRLS SO MUCH.
since im hitting my 3 week mark and our district is now the older group here weve been trying to have´todo español´ day and if any of us even speak a lick of english we have to take a shot of ranch….. hahaha we’re pathetic. i haven’t had to do it (yet at least)
our district (which is the group of missionaries i’m with all day long) has grown a lot closer this week! each day we play futbol and us hermanas GO HARD. ya know the rule about no physical touch between elders and hermanas? yeah thats not a thing during game time hahaha. i’m a mix between a little cheerleader that just screams ´SACRIFICE YOUR BODY’ and that one girl who has no idea what she’s doing but likes to be aggressive anyways. imagine that lol
um so the empanadas here… bruhhhh those will be the reason i become a frumpy missionary. praying that’s not for a while though hahaha. that and the chocolate! 10 out of 10 recommend
each chance we get to leave the grounds of the ccm, i strive to talk to as many people as i can! and not just the ´hola! como estas?´ sort of conversation, but this week i have been trying to really really talk with others! this morning i said hola to some sweet older lady on the street and we ended up talking for a bit!!! she’s a Catholic and has been her whole life. she asked what i was doing and i told her that i’m from the states and am here to teach the gospel to those in chile! well i tried to in my broken spanish haha. i don’t think she totally understood what i’m doing here though because she told me to be careful when i go to the bars because men will try to sneak drugs into my drinks hahaha. not exactly my scene for the next 18 months lol. but really, talking to people makes me happiest!
this past sunday, the ccm president, president Brady gave an amazing devotional on finding the spark in each person we talk to and striving to light that spark. each person on this earth has their own personal question of the soul, and he made it a point to encourage us to seek to find that question and ignite that spark inside them. I love that!
i encourage everyone to strive to do that same thing! find that spark inside others and strive to light it! be kind and be genuine! and just love! that’s what i’m striving to do here in Santiago. the world can always use more love!
I love you all back home! you guys are my home team
xo hermana Porter
mi mejor amigas! the funnest chicas i’ve ever met
Hermana Jacobsen my twin!

DSC00002.JPGmy besties hermana Ence, hermana Jacobsen, hermana Kelly

sister Lopez! she’s from Colombia and a total doll

DSC00039.JPGwandering the streets of Santiago on p day

district 2! best district evaaaaa