surviving and thriving… 10.11.2017

2 weeks in whatsgooooood

Time here is flying by. All the girls I room with were trying to figure out what day we´ll be leaving the ccm and I think it’ll be around november 8 or so. after that i’ll be drop kicked into the streets of santiago and that´ll be when everything starts forreal! it’ll be bittersweet
the grind DOES NOT STOP for missionaries. there really are no days off! my weekends are are wednesdays and sundays haha i love it.
yesterday a group of 100 high school aged students came and toured the ccm to learn more about our church and it was the coolest thing. our teachers had all the hermanas greet the students and hand out pamphlets and it was so cool! i felt like a real missionary. these past 2 weeks we’ve taught lots of investigators but they’re really just our teachers in disguise so being around real life non members was the greatest thing
before i came on the mission every time i saw missionaries i would get so excited just to see them and talk to them and now i am one! and i live with and surrounded by them 24/7. funny how things change
our district was talking about what we miss the most and right now its music and Shas. WHAT I WOULD DO TO LISTEN TO SOME JOHN MAYER AND WALK SHASTA AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD. i miss my family lots but i think because im so busy i dont really have time to think much about it. you guys are in my prayer every single day tho 🙂
last night when all of us missionaries got back to the hospedaje, an elder started playing the piano and everyone was like ‘oh my gosh you´re amazing’ and i just kinda laughed and in my head thought ‘someone get dylan panek up in here so these people can here some real talent’ hahaha i swear i am always craving music
each wednesday on p day we can leave the grounds of the ccm and go into the city. earlier today me, hermana jacobsen, hermana ence and hermana kelly (all the girls i live with) went out and I LOVED IT. every wednesday is like a holiday. we bought chilean chocolate and said hola to almost every face we saw. the chile ccm is in the east mission so the grounds are part of my mission. i love santiago so freaking much i wish you guys could be here to see it yourself.
i LOVE the girls i live with. im convinced we were all best friends in heaven. we stay up all night choreographing routines to david archuleta’s music. we can go from almost peeing ourselves laughing to deep talks about the gospel and life within minutes. they are such a blessing to me.
this past sunday was fast and testimony meeting. i felt the spirit so strongly and knew i needed to go up even tho my spanish is a joke hahaha. so i did! i said ‘my heart is pounding so i know i need to be up here so i’ll give it a shot’ it went really well! it was very simple but i talked about how i know that my family can be together forever and how grateful i am for them. i cried! following the promptings of the spirit is always a good idea
life is good here. i eat soggy vegetables every day and the flirting between missionaries is SO cringey and i study grammer for hours and hours on end but i wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now. i have never felt as close to my savior as i do here. i know that he knows each of us and loves us more than we can even comprehend. the mission is hard, but it is SO worth it. this is the most important work in world. i’ve had my fair share of challenges here but i’ve learned as i put all of my faith in the lord and constantly put in my best work, blessings will come. they always do.
you guys back home mean everything to me. thank you for all the love and support, it means more than you know. and i’m sorry if i can’t respond to your emails, i wish i could but i swear an hour in the computer lab to write everyone goes by in an instant lol
xo hermana porter
friend of Sister Kelly, Sister Kelly, Sister Ence, Sister Porter, Sister Jacobsen22406372_10214077784799878_7809481762157303757_n.jpg

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