4 de feb

hola hola hola hola como están

I told myself that I only have a few weeks left to take advantage of writing emails so I gotta just do it haha.
these weeks have been some of the very best. I’m still in La Florida, and you know when you’ve met someone or you’re in a specific place and you just know that THIS is where I need to be, this is who I need to be with? and it all just clicks? everything is just so natural? ya, that’s how I feel out here in LF. maybe we’re not having mountains of baptisms like other areas, maybe the progress of those we’re teaching is a bit slower, but everything is just right. I know without a doubt in my heart that the Lord’s plan is perfect and it is His. He aligns our paths so perfectly and so precisely.
the other day we were knocking doors (more like yelling ALOOOOO hahaha) and no one was answering. it was hot, and the chilenos were taking advantage of staying indoors with their air conditioning and big ol glass of coca cola ha. I turned around and saw this young kid walking down the street with a soccer ball. I just felt in my heart ‘girl go. talk with him’ we stroke up a conversation, his name is Luis, he’s 15 years old, and dreams of being a futbolista. and he loves God. we talked a bit about the family, about our relationship with Heavenly Father but then off he ran to go play soccer. we shoved a plan of salvation pamphlet in his hand and yelled ‘hasta luego’ and that was that. we had a hard time finding him for a while, but the other day, we were walking in front of a little supermarket in our area, and we find luis and his grandpa sitting in front! he told us that he had read about the plan of salvation and loved it. he had even put it under his pillow so he woudln’t lost it!! haha, so sweet. we talked some more, he opened up to us that he had been adopted, and family had always been something super important. at the end, he looked at us and said ‘I want to get there. I want to be there with my family. in the celestial kingdom’
it was just one of those moments that filled my heart and reconfirmed that our Father’s love is real and perfect and fitting to each one of us. and to seek Him out, that love fills us, according to our needs and our circumstances
I love this time. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. even when old men you’re teaching confess their love for you, even when you’re running around like a little tomato because of the heat, this work is good and it is His
I love you allllll, and miss you lots
hna porter

i’m alive and THRIVING

hi hello perdon for not writing in who knows how many months

but yes, I am alive and well (just really really hot down here in santiago) but thriving and just really so so happy
here’s a quick little update on my life down here : so i’ve been in my new area, La Florida for a while now and I think I’ll be finishing the mission here CRAZY RIGHT
God works in wonderful ways – here’s a quick back story. in my anterior area, I only had 2 transfers there, I felt like I got put in, and then taken out. we worked HARD and saw miracles every day. the work was flowing and I was in love with my area and then BOOM transfers. can’t lie, I was frustrated and a little hurt. but Heavenly Father teaches me and teaches each one of us every single day that if we just keep doing as He asks us to and keep ourselves humble, He blesses us, and we CAN gain a deeper and more eternal perspective. I remember my first night here in my area and we were walking the streets contacting and I was still thinking about my last area I had just left but then the impression (GIRL contact that man) ran through mind. I didn’t think about it, I didn’t even have time to. It was this man smoking, covered in tattoos and he looked far from anyone who had interest in talking about God at the moment. but I put those thoughts aside and followed thorugh. that man’s name is Carlos. and Carlos is going to be baptized in just 2 weeks! its amazing to see the miracles that come to play if we trust in His plan, His timing, and follow though with the impressions of the Spirit.
His plan is and always has been so much greater than ours. that has something I have seen time and time again in these 16 months
funny story – the other week we were knocking doors and I saw this cute little house with a pretty golden retriever. I told hermana hernandez ‘yeah vamos’ so I walk up to the house and shout (because that’s how you contact houses here in south america) and this dog comes running at me full force and jumps up on me and starts eating my skirt but he was aiming for my leg… almost got eaten alive these dogs are WILD.
I know my Savior lives. I know that He loves us and that love is personal and real for each one of us. I know that He has the power to heal and only He can fill us when we’re empty and in need of something so much more. I put my trust in Him I put my faith in Him I love Him with all that I have. — look for Him this week. He is here
I love you all and miss you tons
make it a good week 💛
hasta luegooooo
skirt post-dog
With Hermana Hale at transfers
Christmas eve dinner tabledsc00031[1]

Photos of the week

Hermana Porter with her new companion, Hermana Hernandez from Colombia. They are serving in La Florida.

DSC09526 2.jpeg

Summer was able to return to Las Condes last Saturday for Francisco’s baptism (read about him in the previous post)DSC09525.jpegDSC09523.jpg

Hey hello holaaaaa

Amigos míos!

How are you all doing? its been an eternity since I’ve written you all (surprise nothing new here ha) but better late than never right?
so I am still here in Las Condes, working working working, but now with Hermana Kelly! Some of you may have heard, we came out on the mission at the same time and she actually was the first person I met in the SLC airport waiting to board my flgiht before this whole adventure began and BOY DO I LOVE HER. we hit it off from the second we met and we had always gushed in emails and zone conferences ‘someday we’ll be comps sí o sí’ it was always a dream of mine but never did I really believe it would happen! but here we are, and God is just oh so good
here are some highlights from these past few weeks
— Imagine a man wandering with dreads down to his hips, traveling all over south america for music festivals, a man who loves his marijuana. a man who felt lost and in despair with not a lot of direction. Now picture one night 2 sister missionaries walking home one night and that man meeting up and getting to know each other on a street corner and talking. This man told those 2 missionaries that he had had a vision about joseph smith and the book of mormon and he knew it was true. imagine that man telling those missionaries that he NEEDED to meet with them and learn more about this book. now picture that man in his first lesson with the missionaries bringing his book of mormon, all marked up in colors and notes and testifying that its true. that man walking into sacrament meeting on a sunday morning just glowing. that same man accepting a baptism date. that same man changing his life, but really letting the Savior change his life. That’s Francisco. God really does prepare His children to recieve the Savior’s prepared gospel
— Ines! Our cute little best friend who is 80 years old and will be baptized this saturday! She has been catholic all her life and taking this step of faith and choosing to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism was HARD. but her love for the Savior outweighed all doubt and fear. Our love for Him truly dispells all fear
— getting home each night to fill in our area book and just ending up lying on the floor having heart to hearts for what seems like hours with hermana kelly, I get pumped just to walk up each morning and do some yoga and eat breakfast together, its puro amor y carettes here in las condes jajaja
really, what I feel here is just lots of happy moments all compiled into one. I have learned that a lot of times in life we’re out looking for the big gold chunks, but really we just need to be searching for the small gold flakes. happiness comes in all shapes and forms and even on the days when we’re exhausted and drained, its alright. we’re learning and we’re growing. and that’s why we’re here! We need to feel it all. And on the days when we feel like we’re not enough, or we’re too much, we’re growing closer to our Savior and experimenting a little bit of what He felt and what He did for us and what He continues to give so freely
les quiero muchisimoooooo. en serio!
count your blessings this week & choose to spread and grow your love a bit more with each coming day – that’s my goal for the week
con amor
hermana porter


helloooooo my dear friends and family!
here we are again, my group emails are so scattered I feel like every time I sit down to write, a million and one things have happened since the last and I just feel lost. haha but that’s nothing new 🙂
well, we had transfers 2 weeks ago, and I finished training hermana Araya and am now in Las Condes as a sister  trainer leader! c.r.a.z.y. but all things good 🙂
Las Condes is NEXT LEVEL. It’s like calabasas every where we go and it wouldn’t surprise me if I run into kendall or kylie jenner because everyone here is like a top model. our ward mission leader drives a jaguar and the ‘homes’ really are mansions. even the famous futbol player, Alexis Sanchez lives in our ward boundaries… to put it simply, its wealthy. To be real, our zone has a rep in the mission.  Because its so wealthy, a lot of the members and missionaries comment on how difficult it must be to work and to teach in an area like this… and I came out here hoping for the best, but with all those comments in the back of my head.
BUT, that’s not the case! hermana zacarias and I have seen countless blessings every single day. we had a baptism this past thursday with Amarilys, our cute sister from Cuba and on Saturday I was able to head back to tobalaba to be apart of Eddy’s baptism! its true what my dad always taught me ‘the harder the sacrifice, the sweeter the reward’ – because we are seeing just so many fruits from our labors #blessingsonblessingsonblessings
this saturday we had our ward party for las fiestas patrias! I ate empanadas and danced la cueca, and beat all the other girls in the sack races (shout out grandmas easter parties, all my skills came in CLUTCH 🙂 ) and just felt real chilenaaaaa even though I still have my thick gringa accent and all the chilenos love to tell me so jajaja
I am SO grateful for my trials and weaknesses. I am grateful for them, because they are drawing me nearer to my Savior. I know Him better. He is my best friend. I am using His Atonement in my daily life. I am growing – and if we’re not growing and stretching and changing, then what’s the point?
well I gotta go but I just want to send some lovin up north! you guys mean so much to meeeeeee💛
con cariñoooooo
hermana porterDSC01205.JPG
With Amarylis
With Eddy
Fiestas PatriasDSC01223.JPG
With Amarylis, Fabiola & Hermana Zacarias

Power in the everyday

Hola amigos y familiares

so my angel mother has been asking for a group email for a while now so here we are. I love writing you guys but I’m terrible at it. SUE ME 🙂
its so hard to write about the mission and all that it is for you all back home. its an experience like no other. it has the highest highs and the lowest lows and just about everything in between. but the learning and the growth that takes place here is breathtaking and something that I will forever hold in my heart. lol as I’m writing this I feel like a trunky sister missionary writing her last email before flying home hahaha. whoops
but really, all that I get to see and be apart of down here on the other side of the world is incredible. the other day I was reading a talk from general conf. back in 1997 called ‘a celestial connection to your teenage years’ and MAN it put everything in perspective. Elder Maynes asks each one of us ‘How are we connecting our celestial goals with our daily way of living?’
and that one GOT me. There is power in the everyday. I’ve got a lot of goals and a lot of plans and at times, its overwhelming. because I look in the mirror and can’t help but see all my imperfections. all the little things I’m lacking. I see where I am now and am looking for where I want to be and it all seems so far off. but I’m coming to learn, to be grateful for my weaknesses. because they’re humbling me and drawing me nearer to my Savior – who is my constant and steady source of strength and healing. there really is opposition in all things. but I get to choose my attitude. I can choose to wake up and focus on my celestial goals, poquito a poquito like I tell all my chilenos 😉 I can choose to be grateful for my highs and my lows, becasue I need them both to be molded into the daughter and disciple that my Savior needs me to be.
the work is flowinggggg down here in Tobalaba. we’re working with lots of Haitianos and its the best thing. Hermana Araya and I have started reading our book of mormon in Creole in language study and we’ve started up classes en Creole once a week in the chapel and as of now, I’ve only got ‘mwen se yon misyoné’ hahaha oh man but el don de lenguas el real igual
bueno, the work is sweet, god is GREAT and time is flyingggggg
un abrazo grandeeeeee
hasta luego
xo hermana porter DSC01088.JPG
fiesta de invierno con las hermanas
DSC01070 2.jpg
zone conf. with bff hermana henson who heads home in 3 weeks :´( catch her in provoDSC01080.JPG
cute mems from ccm